kind of stealing from James Surowiecki

I’ve loved James Surowiecki’s column, “The Financial Page” in The New Yorker for years.

Aproveching* that I have a Kindle now, I went to my US library’s website to see if they offer his book The Wisdom of Crowds on electronic loan, but they do not (two branches do have the hardcopy). I went to see if I should buy it from Amazon, and other online stores, and… the download costs the same as the hardcopy– 13.09 USD, exactly, on Amazon. That’s incredibly lame!

Sorry, James, but I know you understand the forces at work here– I would have paid for your electronic book if the hardcopy price comparison were more favorable. Since it’s not, I am just going to download the electronic book in a bit torrent. I’m looking forward to reading it!

Here is the link to his 2005 Ted Talk, related to the content of said ebook. Watching that is what prompted me to look for his book.

*Aprovechar¬†means “to take advantage of” in Spanish.¬†

P.S. – I’ve been reading books so much more since I got my Kindle. I think this means that the physical inconvenience and yes, cost, of obtaining and managing printed books was a deterrent to reading for me.