also note the plaid shorts

I’ve never really been anti-gun. Actually one particularly rebellious year in college, I joined the NRA kind of to make a statement about bandwagon politics (I was studying a lot of “pomo” and absurdist narrative theory). But… well I found this photo on Facebook today, because someone I know posted it, and it just doesn’t sit right. I think for a number of associations it gives me, aside from the Aurora shooting news coverage:

1) The picture was taken in O’Fallon, Illinois (scary).

2) Not sure what kind of gun this is, but it looks like the Colt .45 I fired a couple years ago, which was ferocious and scary.

3) He is using this weapon to open a Mexican beer.

4) I just read a really in-depth story last night about escalating narcoviolence in Guadalajara due to the Zetas encroaching on the Sinaloa Cartel.

5) The Sinaloa Cartel is speculated to be one of the largest crystal meth producers worldwide.

6) Not saying this dude actually does crystal, nor that I even know for sure who he is, but this furniture, carpet, and the city of O’Fallon, Illinois, all make me think of crystal meth consumption.

In other words, this photo sums up for me, if only tangentially, a business relationship between the United States and Mexico that is estimated to be worth 10s if not 100s of billions of dollars… plus tens of thousands of lives in Mexico alone. Pinches gringos locos, culeros.


more cool photography and the desire to own

Thanks to WFMU‘s twitter account I just found this:


Post-its #2 by Thomas Jackson. Thomas Jackson constructs and photographs these structures. He has ones of disposable plates, cheeseballs, yarn, dixie cups. I like the contrast between crap (deferring to WFMU’s term) and the nature behind it. This morning I woke up dreaming of one of the yarn images, but in a sort of sparkly animated version.

Whenever I find art that I like I immediately want to buy it, sometimes even before I have the chance to sit back and think about why I actually appreciate it. It’s kind of materialistic, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I want to possess it, put it in my home, stare at it, show it to my friends, find out what they think about it. It’s kind of like fish tanks. I also felt this way about Sally Mann.

I am not saying I actually do buy the art, just that I want to. If it is a hundred bucks or less I do, but that is unusual.

sic semper tyrannus

This is at the top of my list for potential next tattoo designs. As far as getting tattoos in languages I don’t speak, I don’t normally approve, but I guess dead languages from my own cultural heritage are okay. It’s a quote from Brutus, which he said after he helped kill Julius Caesar. “Thus always to tyrants.” Apparently that jerk John Wilkes Booth, who was incidentally a Marylander, shouted it after he shot Lincoln, too.

According to Wikipedia, Virginia is the only state with nudity on its seal. Yeah! The lady is meant to personify the concept of virtus. Also, that other thing Virtus is carrying that’s not a spear is a sheathed parazonium, which symbolizes authority.

This one is pretty cool, too. Thomas Jefferson, when colonial governor of VA, commissioned it and had it presented to Cherokee allies. I think maybe that’s why it’s in English: Cherokees probably didn’t really relate to Latin as well.

I’ve noticed over the last five years or so that state tattoos got pretty popular. I think it’s related to hipsters and the DIY and locovore movements, regional pride. I’m down anyway. I feel love for my state… Well, it’s actually a commonwealth.

full metal jacket

On New Years Day my sister and I went shooting on our parents’ land in Virginia along with a dozen of her friends. Three of them are responsible gun owners, and among them they had enough weapons for us to take turns into what amounted to about four hours’ worth of target practice, with about $20 worth of ammunition each.

Of course some photos came out about this, which ended up on Facebook. This is somewhat controversial among my Mexican friends, understandably. The war going on down here is being fought with assault weapons smuggled in from the United States.

I don’t really feel apologetic about my rights, so I haven’t apologized, but I have maybe felt the need to justify myself for playing with guns. People aren’t very open to hearing it, but I think I was kind of a little successful the other day after watching Full Metal Jacket and trying to tell my friend that it wasn’t just his Blu-Ray and HD TV, or even the brilliance of Stanley Kubrick, that made me flinch whenever someone was torn apart with bullets in the film. It was remembering how the Colt 45 felt and sounded each time it blew up in my hands.

more art basel pics

Just realized I had some more pictures on my phone. Oh, multifunctionals.

I was surprised to learn this is by Damien Hirst. Then I wasn’t surprised.

I feel lame for not writing down this artist’s name actually. I’ve been talking about his stuff– this wasn’t even my favorite piece of his. Not by Damien Hirst.

Also really liked this. In fact this series of ships was my favorite work in the whole convention center. Not a clue who it’s by. This is what can happen when budget limits your imagination. I know the dealer was based in L.A.

The real masterpiece, no? View of downtown from the Mondrian Hotel.

Also, I found the flyer for the exhibit I was trying to remember. We met these old graffiti dudes. Old-skool I should say. I guess it was kind of like meeting the Beastie Boys. Anyway, someone had put together an exhibit about their work, Hyperbolic Aerosolic. Here is a view of their exhibition, which was at the Eric Firestone Gallery. One of them, Steve, ended up coming with us to the Hello Kitty party. He was carrying a sharpie.