meanwhile, Ghislain Poirier (nightlife cont’d)

Ghislain is playing for free at the Centro Cultural de España tonight– hell yeah! Go Ninja Tunes.

Así mi punto es, hay cool shit, solamente necesito buscarla.

Y sí, creo que el precio de Buraka Som Sistema se hace not cool. Aunque Buraka Som Sistema kicks ass.

UPDATE: SICK SHOW. So good live, en serio. Alta calidad. Ghislain tocó una versión cumbia de ODB, “shimmy shimmy yeah [oh baby i like it raw]” …según a dj /rupture es por Uproot Andy.


buraka som sistema / night life

I posted a cheerfully bitter comment on Buraka Som Sistema’s myspace page about this (Oct 29). So at least now my bitching isn’t totally idle, although my hopes for my civic conscientiousness being rewarded with guestlist so far haven’t come true.

Night life, at least the international acts, is too goddamn expensive in Mexico City. The promoters are charging $40 (US) for the show. That literally is twice what I make in a day… they’re playing for $18 the night before in NYC.

I realize it’s actually not that much for a lot of people here, but it’s like 8x the minimum wage. Boujie motherfuckers////>>>>

And the show has corporate sponsorship (from J&B).

Boycotting. The promoters Sicario & 8106, not Buraka… and I didn’t drink J&B anyway.

palabra del día: escalofrío

gracias a otto von schirach para este. aunqué es un poquito douchey (porque no me reconoció de nuestra conversación en myspace cuando me presenté a él en PS14 en miami), tiene un albúm bangin de 2001 en schematic records, se llama Escalo Frio.


  1. m. Sensación de frío que suele producirse por fiebre, miedo o cualquier emoción intensa. Más en pl.:
    me dan escalofríos cuando le veo.
  2. Sensación incómoda, desazón producida por una emoción intensa.
    ♦ Sobre todo con los verbos producir, dar y afines:
    me produjo un escalofrío verlo al cabo de diez años.

English translation: the chills


Me das escalofríos cuando me llamas a altas horas de la noche y no dices nada.

palabra del día: sesos

palabra del día provisto por los quien traduzcan south park a español; episoda “pinkeye” de halloween donde kenny se cambia a zombie porque de salsa inglesa y el pueblo de south park sufra un brote de zombies.


  1. m. Cerebro,masa de tejido nervioso contenida en la cavidad del cráneo. Más en pl.:
    los sesos del cordero se comen.
  2. Prudencia,madurez:
    tener poco seso.
  3. calentarse o devanarse uno los sesos loc. col. Meditar mucho sobre una cosa:
    me he devanado los sesos buscando una solución.
  4. perder uno el seso loc. Perder el juicio o privarse:
    ha perdido el seso por esa chica.
  5. tener sorbido o sorberle el seso a uno loc. col. Ejercer sobre él una gran influencia o atracción:
    su padre le tiene sorbido el seso.

English translation: brains

Contexto: Quiero… comer… sesos….


i just caught myself thinking something, and it was a little bit desperate. i was surprised. the thought was, “but you Have to believe it.” when have i ever counseled myself like that before?

no need to worry, i mean… i caught the knot, hung on. climbed back up. i’m just surprised, like i said. at the urgency, and i guess at the conviction.

i was thinking about jason again. i guess ’cause halloween’s coming, and we just passed his birthday, and because i think about him a lot.

and not just halloween is coming, but día de los muertos. which beyond their namesakes also mark the halfway calendar point between fall & winter.*

i guess specifically what brought this up is i just started reading the english translation of labyrinth of solitude, and octavio paz is talking about an invisible wall surrounding the consciousness of childhood, which starts to break down in adolescence. so i was thinking about crossing barriers and realms of consciousness. and crossing dimensions.

also today i listened to the amazing fever ray RA podcast, which is halloween-oriented. the mix includes a prominent sample:

“death is not final, only a misunderstanding of time”

which is something i realized just after jason died. no one had ever said it to me, except maybe indirectly madeleine l’engle in a wrinkle in time when i was 10; i actually pretty much thought it up myself, to the extent i was surprised to hear it spoken on a mass-distributed recording.

but it’s what i believe. it was how i rationalized his death, and in fact it seems not just realistic or plausible to me, but honest. however necessary an ingredient hope is, too.

it’s the idea that even though he’s dead now, here, he’s still alive then, there. somewhere. it goes along with the idea that the past doesn’t stop existing; we just no longer behold a moment once we’ve lived through it.** that his 31 years of time and movement are a container of infinity, which keeps going in its own way.

this is what i was telling myself i “Have to believe,” that he’s still alive.


The diagram shows how to create a tesseract from a point, going through the first 4 dimensions. A tesseract represents the 4th dimension, which is basically time, or movement through time.


*the celts passed through spain before settling in the british isles, so it makes sense that the spanish would be aware of a form of halloween, too (all soul’s day); also that in mexico it would be combined with the holiday of the solar-conscious aztecs and mayans that already existed when the spanish got here.

**i was also thinking about karl lagerfeld & his twitter account.